We're Rose & Jordy

Creators of Getaway Crew. We make high quality local inspired merch of Australia and want you to have it. This is our page about our personal, the only one that we claim on the website where it's all about us :)

Everything before the scenes

Rosalie de Moel

I'm Rose, the designer! I have been illustrating my whole life and now it's the perfect time to spark creativity while being on the road and drawing along the way.

Everything behind the scenes

Jordy blonk

I'm Jordy, the person behind the scenes. And also Rose's boyfriend, which she forgot to mention ;) I love doing business, setting the frames in the background.

  • Designed in house

    With Rose being an illustrator for several years, it was an easy choice to have her design everything you see. From illustrations, apparel graphics, photos, etc.

  • Printed in Australia

    We love Australia and want to support businesses here in Australia. We carefully pick the suppliers that print our local-inspired collections to ensure the best quality too.

  • Giving back

    During our lap we encounter so many beautiful, helpful people. We feel grateful to be here in this country and be part of communities big and small. We thank them by putting 10% of profits of the designated place back into the community.

  • Column

    Getaway Crew is a new brand that focuses on creating high quality and beautiful local-inspired merchandise for you to wear, own, hang or gift. That's why everything we offer is drawn by hand and made-to-order, with love from trusted suppliers right here in Australia.

  • A year in Esperance

    Feb 2023 - Swapped The Netherlands for Australia. We lived and worked in Esperance for a year. We were on the markets selling fudge and illustrations.

  • Jordy's Bday prezzie

    May 2023 - Rose designed and ordered a sweater for Jordy's birthday. This is what sparked the idea of creating our business.

  • Creating Getaway Crew

    Jan 2024 - Combining Jordy's prezzie and selling our stuff the markets, we decided to take a big step and launch our business: the Getaway Crew.

  • Lap Around Australia

    March 2024 - Soon after the launch we left Esperance to go on a big trip around Australia. In our Landcruiser. Currently we are exploring the South West.

giving back

During our lap we encounter so many beautiful, helpful communities. We feel grateful to be here in this country and want to thank them by giving back. We donate 10% of the profit of each collection to go right back into the community. The community also decides the destination.